The movie will present the world of Getae warriors from the 7th and 6th centuries B.C. to audience members, as well as their tale of spiritual reform, as conceived by Zalmoxis, who went down in history as the Supreme God of the Getae.

The context of this reform was favoured by the fall of the Assyrian Empire, which had dominated the world for over two millennia. The Greek benefited from this, building cities on the Black Sea coast belonging to the Getae (the 7th century B.C. represented the Golden Age of Greek culture). The Getae also profited, growing in strength and proving themselves to the other peoples residing in this part of Europe.

The film will place old Thracian traditions, both Orphic and Dionysian, at the forefront. It will also weave important aspects of Romanian mythology within its story…

In short, the film presents the spiritual reform of Zalmoxis, who made the Getae IMMORTAL in a time of strife, shaped by the wars of the 7th and 6th centuries B.C.

Screenplay: Daniel Roxin

Director: Andrei Stan

Historical advisor: Dan Oltean (author of novels “The Dacian Religion” and “Dacian Kings”)

Artistic advisor: Mihai Gruia Sandu